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Reflexology by Yoasha

Reflexology brings immediate relaxation to your body and mind.
Reflexology is a holistic therapy originating in both ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicine.
In the "West" reflexology has been practiced since 1913 as "Zone Therapy" and developed into the modern practice by Eunice Ingham in 1930.
In reflexology treatment the reflex points in the feet are being massaged , with each point relating to specific glands and body organs.
Reflexology may be used to alleviate discomfort from:
headaches, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, indigestion, constipation, and chest and sinus congestion.
Regular treatments will strengthen  and reinforce the whole body, making it useful for treating low immunity, digestive problems, depression, respiratory problems and fatigue.

A relationship between areas on the feet and hands and the body's organs, limbs, and nerves has been recognized for thousands of  years by many civilizations. At the beginning of the century , Dr. William Fitzgerald , and American physician, studied these relationships. Through experimentation, he found that there were specific interaction between areas on the hands an feet  and the organs of the body , and that, by pressing these areas, he could directly affect the organs. After further study, he realized that these interactions followed the simple pattern.
In Europe today, more than six thousand doctors, nurses and physical therapists incorporate reflexology into their healing procedures. It is used on patients to relieve their painful sensations, to instill feelings of relaxation, and to speed their healing.  As part of their treatment, patients are encouraged to visualize the part of their body being stimulated by reflexology in order to gain an understanding and sense of control                                                               over their physical health.

Now is your time to try reflexology and experience the feeling for calmness and relaxation.

Reflexology treatment is  offered at the salon and also at the comfort of your own home*
*ask for details.

Reflexology treatment brings many benefits to our health.